Halloween 1987

2022 | 14 min | USA


All Meg wants is the perfect Halloween couples costume, but for Cory dressing like their girlfriend will be something they never forget.


Film Premiering in Pittsburgh Tells the Untold Story of Pennsylvania Transgender Woman

QBURGH MAGAZINE: Reel Q, Pittsburgh’s annual LGBTQ+ film festival and one of the oldest LGBTQ+ film festivals in the world, will be hosting the world premiere of Halloween 1987. The film is based on the memoir of Jenny Jae Cory of Towanda, Pennsylvania. READ...

Halloween 1987 diverts from “classic coming-out narrative” at ReelQ Film Festival

PITTSBURGH CITY PAPER: For his new film, Hansen Bursic wants to tell a different kind of coming-out story. Bursic’s short film, Halloween 1987, follows Cory, a teenager who dresses up as their girlfriend, Meg, for a high school Halloween party. As the night comes to...

Temple senior’s thesis film shares transgender experience

TEMPLE NEWS: Hansen Bursic is taking viewers back to the 1980s to tell an important story about the transgender experience. “Halloween 1987” tells the story of Cory, a gender-questioning teenager whose girlfriend, Meg, wants them to wear a couple’s costume to a...


 Directed by Hansen Bursic | Produced by Kenagh Babcock | Starring Derek Van Holmes as “Cory” | Isabella Conrad as “Meg” | Director of Photography Mad Bishop | Editor Eric McKelvey | Production Designer Chris Andricola


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