Don’t Just Mourn Black Trans People, Celebrate Them: A Tribute Watch List

Jul 2, 2020


When we see only pain in a community, liberation can feel so distant. It is because of this, celebration and appreciation are some of the most powerful tools against oppression. In Philadelphia, we have come together to mourn the tragic murder of Dominique Fells, a Black trans woman who lived and died here in our city. It is times like these where I see people come out of the woodwork to call for justice who have been absent in this fight beforehand. 

Rallying for justice is vital but allyship must go beyond showing up for those lost. Allyship needs to include celebrating and supporting Black trans people who are still here. In honor of Dominique Fells, I have chosen nine films that celebrate and tell the stories of Black trans people. This list only includes films that have Black trans people involved in the filmmaking process and centers on Black trans stories.