Hansen Bursic

Hansen Bursic is an award-winning filmmaker, journalist, and communications specialist. Born and raised outside of Pittsburgh, PA, Bursic got his start making LGBTQ+ advocacy documentaries in rural Appalachia. Much of his work since has been dedicated to telling transparent, meaningful stories that center on underserved voices. Through both film and journalism, Bursic’s work has explored the intersections of identity and place with a goal of giving a platform to communities who need it the most.


Bursic has accepted multiple awards during his career as a filmmaker. Most recently, Bursic was given an Outstanding Writing/Directing Award from the prestigious Freese Foundation for his film “Halloween 1987.” His 2017 film “The Toothmans” also went home with several awards including the Relationship First Award from the Foundation for The Contemporary Family and a Best Documentary Award from the Lancaster International Short Film Festival.


Bursic is the Digital Communications Coordinator for the International Documentary Association (IDA). He recently worked as the Lead Media Coordinator for the Pennsylvania Values Campaign, a campaign advocating for sexuality, gender identity, and expression to be added to Pennsylvania’s state nondiscrimination protections. He also serves on the editorial board of CinéSPEAK’s online film journal and on the board of the NLGJA Association of LGBTQ Journalists.

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This week I have been reflecting on 2021 which, not to mince words, has been one roller coaster of a year. I started 2021 in Pittsburgh, living in my parents[…]

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A Spooky Sit Down with Filmmaker and Performer Knucklehead

Provocative, queer, and… made in Lancaster, PA? In the heart of Central Pennsylvania, filmmaker and performer Jake McClellan, also known as Knucklehead, and close collaborators Adam Lenhart and Eric Griffin, were busy working a spooky passion project: a comedic, Halloween-themed collection of short films with a stunning 1990s broadcast look titled HeBGB TV.

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6 Tips for Documentary Filmmakers on How to Better Serve Participants with Gender-Based Trauma

It is no secret that documentary filmmaking has a complicated legacy when it comes to supporting the survivors of gender-based violence. Even with the best intentions, many filmmakers fall into[…]

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