Hansen Bursic

Hansen Bursic is a Pittsburgh-born, award-winning filmmaker and journalist based in Los Angeles. Building on the legacy of queer and trans creators before him, he has dedicated his work to not only elevating LGBTQ+ narratives through documentary but bringing radical equity to the film industry.


Bursic has accepted multiple awards during his career. Bursic was recently named one of Temple University’s 30 Under 30 for his breakout early career acheivement. He was awarded several honors for his filmmaking including an Outstanding Writing/Directing Award from the prestigious Freese Foundation for his film “Halloween 1987″ and the Relationship First Award from the Foundation for The Contemporary Family for his film “The Toothmans.” He also received a Golden Quil Award from the Western Pennsylvania Press Club for his journalism around Pride.


Bursic is the Marketing Manager at Outfest, an LGBTQ+ media and advocacy organization that runs the largest LGBTQ+ film festival in the world. He previously worked at the International Documentary Association (IDA) and on Pennsylvania Values, a campaign to add sexuality, gender identity, and expression protections to the state constitution. Bursic is a fellow of 2023’s prestigious Ford Foundation-backed Rockwood Documentary Leaders Fellowship. He also serves on the editorial board of CinéSPEAK’s online film journal and on the board of NLGJA’s LA chapter.

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