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Hansen Bursic Film is a boutique documentary production company dedicated to uplifting new narratives, helmed by award-winning filmmaker and journalist Hansen Bursic.

Hansen’s Story

Hansen started his journey into documentary in Pennsylvania, making films that tell the seldom told stories of queer and trans people in rural America. There he saw firsthand the importance of media to change the narrative and make a difference.

The philosophy of Hansen Bursic Film is not only to bring complex and powerful narratives to life but to do so in a way that also centers ethics and care behind the camera. From capturing history of joyful resistance to spotlighting those who are braving new paths in difficult times, our work is a love letter to the people Hollywood often forgets.

In The News

Meet Hansen Bursic

Meet Hansen Bursic

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Whether you are looking to screen one of our films or interested in partnering with us to tell your story, send us a message and lets start a conversation.